A joint-meeting was held Monday night between Genoa Township’s Planning Commission and Zoning Board of Appeals to discuss a new zoning plan.

Monday night, Assistant Township Manager and Community Development Director Kelly VanMarter presented the township with a new zoning plan for South Latson Road. Her plan involves creating two new zoning categories. The categories would include Interchange Commerical and Interchange Campus areas. The commercial zoning would be for the area north of the railroad tracks on Latson Road and just south of I-96 and would be used for highway services such as hotels, gas stations, and restaurants. The campus zoning would be for the area south of the railroad tracks and east of Beck Road. Campus zoning would be for businesses such as offices and clinics that would help drive up economic value.

VanMarter also received plenty of public comment Monday night. The majority of the comments consisted of concerns as to how the new zoning plans would affect traffic and projects done near residential property. VanMarter told WHMI she was very pleased to see such a strong response from the public. While concerns were addressed, she says she feels the overall presentation went very well and was well received. She does plan on revising some plans due to points brought up through public comment. VanMarter also told WHMI she feels comfortable moving forward with the plan knowing there is a good amount of support behind it.

Once revisions get done, another public hearing will be held for the planning commission and public comment. VanMarter said she hopes things go well and that the zoning ordinance gets adopted within the next five months. (DF)