By Jessica Mathews/

A new LED sign will be installed at the entrance of the Genoa Township Hall driveway off Dorr Road.

At the last township board meeting, members reached consensus to go ahead with installing a new, more modern sign. It would have brick elements and feature the township logo, similar to the Genoa Park sign that’s visible from I-96. The final signage still needs to be approved at a future meeting but a conceptual rendering is pictured. The new signage is intended to be slow changing and not super flashy.

Supervisor Bill Rogers tells WHMI those coming in at night couldn’t find the entrance because it got so dark and the lighting on the sign kept going out. He says there is a temporary fix in place but larger electrical issues were discovered, which gave them the opportunity for something that has been spoken of and planned for a while. Rogers says this gave them the impetus to finally get it done so they’re going to modernize and install the LED sign. The content won’t rotate all the time but Rogers says they’ll be able to keep things current and can manage the sign remotely to include up-to-date information if needed for things such as weather events and closures. Rogers says it will really improve things substantially and goes along with the rest of the motif of all the things they’re doing around the township property.

He says per township rules, LED signs can only change four times an hour. Rogers says one could make the argument that might be too slow but it will be consistent so people will have time to actually read the information whether it be township hall hours, event or other happenings such as leaf pick-up. Ultimately, Rogers feels it will be more universal to the community and really enhance it – adding people will actually be able to see the entrance.