The Genoa Township Board met recently and approved some items related to continuation of a sidewalk project.

The scope of this year’s sidewalk project is on the north side of Grand River from Kellogg to Hughes Road. It has a slightly higher cost, which is attributed to the construction of an aluminum boardwalk bridge to expand the pathway over wetlands and add a pedestrian crossing.
The board approved the purchase of aluminum boardwalk material in the amount of $147,860 for the 2018 Grand River Sidewalk Project. A separate amendment was approved to include a pedestrian signal at Hughes Road for $8,000.

The township has been doing the project in stages. Supervisor Bill Rogers says this is a far more expensive portion because a bridge is needed to expand the pathway over wetlands and the pedestrian signal is being added at the Hughes Road crossing to boost safety. Rogers tells WHMI the project has been a progression along Grand River and they are now getting some of the final legs done. Personally, he says he would prefer to get more money in roads but wants to see Grand River sidewalk finished as it’s a main walking corridor and the areas they’re focusing on now are the reason they weren’t done first. Rogers says it’s fantastic to be able to complete this latest segment of sidewalk, because the ambitious can ultimately go from Brighton to Howell on the path. He says it’s nice and accessible so a lot pf people are taking advantage of it, noting the Grand River corridor is a busy pathway for not only walkers but joggers.

The goal is to have the next sidewalk segment completed this year and installation of the pedestrian signal, weather permitting. After all of the work is done this year and the signal is put in, the only remaining section to complete a continuous path across the entire township will be from Hughes Road to the roadside park on Lake Chemung. (JM)