By Jessica Mathews /

Preliminary work has been approved for a future paving project in Genoa Township.

The Genoa Township Board met Monday night and approved spending $68,380 for engineering services, as part of a cost sharing agreement with the Livingston County Road Commission. The Road Commission reached out to the township to inquire about whether it still intended to pave Crooked Lake Road from Fishbeck to Latson Road and would be willing to contribute funding. Staff relayed the township is committed to the project and the board has been dedicated to setting aside funding for large road construction projects as the budget allows. At the end of the current fiscal year, it’s expected there will be around $1.7 (m) million put aside for road projects. It was noted during the meeting that the road has some serious variables related to hydro-geology and alignment and two ponds in the area were said to flow underground. Entering into the agreement for engineering and design services was said to be a first step toward the goal of paving the road.

Supervisor Bill Rogers said they would have loved to have had the project done four years ago but the reality is that townships really don’t have any responsibility for roads and they don’t have any funding available. However, he says the board has been putting away money away over time and is slowly getting there so it made sense to move forward when the Road Commission reached out about the engineering work and indicated it would work with the township. Rogers tells WHMI they figured it has to be done anyway and they can get that step out of the way so then when they finally have bids and money in the bank, they can just proceed with the project. He tells WHMI the Road Commission has been great partners, the project is long overdue and they’re looking forward to getting it done.

Staff anticipates that the paving project would happen sooner than later, although next year is doubtful and it’s more likely to occur within 3 to 5 years. The project was originally pegged around $2.8 (m) million. However once the engineering work is done, staff and the board will be able to get a better idea of what the construction costs will actually look like. Rogers commended the board for all of the different projects it has been able to accomplish, adding there are still other goals to meet but some are predicated on a combination of state and federal aspects.

Picture- Google Street View