By Jessica Mathews /

The Genoa Township Board is poised to adopt the budget for the upcoming year, which had to be done in a new format being required for municipalities by the state of Michigan.

A new budget format and chart of accounts is being required by the state, which was said to be a lot of work to ensure compliance and the board commended staff. It was noted that once the new process is established, it should be easier and more beneficial in years to come.

At a recent meeting, a public hearing and a review of budgets for different funds were held. The board approved minimum recommended increases of 5% in the salaries for elected officials including the supervisor and treasurer, as well as in the per diems for the township board, Planning Commission, Zoning Board of Appeals and Board of Review. The clerk salary is currently frozen.

A comprehensive wage analysis for all employees was also earlier performed by an outside firm and presented to the board. Results showed most were below market, ranging from approximately 5% to 17%.

Supervisor Bill Rogers told WHMI it’s been an interesting budget cycle due to the new state requirements and noted the work that went into the wage study. He said they finally got all of the information in and re-categorized to make sure that everyone is going to be paid appropriately, adding it was professionally done so they’re not just throwing out numbers and it’s per job classification. Rogers noted the raises for elected officials and the per-diems had to be done separately as they were not part of the study.

The board also approved a $3 increase in the refuse collection and disposal fee, which will be levied on December tax bills. The township has a contract with Waste Management that expires in September 2023. The current cost is $157, which will increase to $160. The township general fund subsidizes $28 per parcel to help reduce the cost.

Two residents spoke during the meeting to voice complaints about service and recycling pick-up, as well as extremely long waits when trying to contact customer service. The township has gone through multiple service providers over the last four years due to company buy-outs and other issues. Board members acknowledged that they’re well aware of problems and experience them too, saying they understand the frustration and are hopeful for improvements.

The final budget will be up for adoption at next week’s meeting.