April O'Neil / news@WHMI.com

The Genoa Township Board of Trustees held their regular meeting Monday evening.

In attendance was Utility Director Greg Tatara, who provided an update on Sanitary Sewer and Water Utilities initiatives.

Tatara is the first in-house Utility Director for Genoa Township and has been with the department since 2006.

At Monday’s meeting, Tatara brought up the ongoing issue of PFAS- the large group of man-made chemicals that are found everywhere, including wastewater systems.

“It’s found in shampoos, nonstick cook wear, cosmetic soaps and moisturizers. So, if everybody is using it, it comes through the wastewater plant, and it doesn’t break down. They create something called forever-chemicals, and they pass right through the plant.”

Scientists are still learning about the health effects of PFAS. According to the CDC, researchers have detected the presence of PFAS in a variety of consumer products since the 1940s.

“They (PFAS) are not entirely banned yet from a lot of these products, so we don’t have a way to remove it”, added Tatara.

Research suggests that exposure to PFOA and PFOS from today’s consumer products is usually low, especially when compared to exposures to contaminated drinking water.

Michigan data shows some of the lowest levels and cover the greatest number of PFAS compounds.