By Jessica Mathews /

A project to install basketball courts at the Genoa Park is almost done.

The two standard basketball courts will be the newest addition at the park on the township hall property off Dorr Road. Two concrete pads have been installed and restoration work has been done. Discussion was held at the last board meeting about the courts and some new fencing that will be installed. L-shaped fencing was approved along the north and west sides of the courts, which Supervisor Bill Rogers says drops down into wetlands so they need to avoid having people chase balls in those areas. He says they don’t anticipate any problems on the other sides due the slope on the east side and the pretty-flat parking lot side.

Possibilities were explored for other possible sports but it was decided to just proceed with basketball at this point as the courts could always be modified in the future. Rogers says they’ll see how much use the courts get and go from there but noted overall, activity on the township hall property and facilities has been picking back up again.

Rogers noted they were shut down for a while because of COVID-19 and many trades couldn’t operate. He says many are just coming back or are now swamped, which postponed what they felt would be perfect timing. Rogers said everything finally got worked out and they were able to get the two pads in and will just be building the two courts for now. He says they’re getting fencing in so people don’t have to chase balls into the wetlands and are really looking forward to seeing the use.

There has also been some talk about possible court surfacing and incorporating the Genoa Township logo or colors but nothing was decided.