Genoa Township residents are being reminded of upcoming changes when it comes to trash collection among other issues of interest.

Township newsletters typically go out with tax bills but the content is reviewed with the Board of Trustees prior. The October publication was the subject of discussion at a recent board meeting. Input from the board was sought on what could potentially be added, as well as any other information pertinent, noting the November General Election is coming up and there are some precinct polling location changes. One main goal is to make sure everyone is informed about changes with upcoming refuse collection and disposal. Supervisor Bill Rogers that’s always difficult transition, noting many residents have already been through one and it’s never perfect. With the current state of the recycling industry, Rogers tells WHMI they are also trying to educate residents on what can and cannot be recycled they can accommodate everyone. Recycling markets are dwindling and there is a need for those who recycle to do so properly to eliminate contamination of loads. Otherwise, the recyclables just end up in landfills.

Rogers says one big change that residents will likely embrace is bulk pick-up. That service is now included every few weeks in the new contract and there are no additional fees. Currently, there is a sticker system for large items and additional fees for items after that. Complete information can be found on the Genoa Township website. That link is provided. (JM)