Genoa Township is getting a new phone system that should help boost efficiency and alleviate problems.

The board unanimously approved the purchase of a new phone system for the township hall at a recent meeting, which was recommended by the township IT Director as the current phone system is basically obsolete. Board members were also adamant about residents being able to reach a “real person” when contacting the township hall during business hours, not an automated system. Township Manager Mike Archinal tells WHMI the system was installed in 2011 and quite simply, they are not getting any support anymore form the vendor so they are looking to upgrade to a new VOIP or voice over internet protocol system that should better serve residents. Archinal says they will still have a live person answering the phone, which people seem to like, and are not going to an automated reception. From a customer standpoint, he doesn’t think they’ll see much of a change but it should help address concerns with technology moving forward into the future.

The old system is very outdated and said to be increasing experiencing issues that staff is unable to correct. The board approved the contract agreement with Comcast Business, which was said to be much less than a competitor, and installation was to occur as soon as possible. (JM)