Genoa Township is taking initial steps to potentially address a bad section of road in an older residential neighborhood.

A section of pavement by the intersection of Dillon and State Street off Main Street has been in bad condition for several years and things only got worse when spring arrived. The township board met Monday night and approved engineering work to include a topographical survey and geo-technical investigation in the amount of $10,800. Supervisor Bill Rogers tells WHMI the township is trying to be more proactive and help out; noting the engineering work will help determine pricing and what the best fix will be for the longstanding problems. He says they hear from residents in the neighborhood frequently and this is long overdue because water simply has nowhere to go and just sits there.

Township staff has been in communication with the Livingston County Road Commission and Drain Commissioner’s Office, as both would be involved. How to pay for potential fixes is proving to be a challenge and Rogers says different funding mechanisms have been investigated but nothing quite fits. Public Act 188 only allows allocation of costs to properties fronting on the improvement. A memo states that given the large number of properties that would enjoy a benefit from the improvement, the cost would be overly burdensome on those few properties unfortunate enough to front on the area in question. During board discussion, it was noted the township may have to step up and fund potential work via the road improvement fund. While it is technically a public road, staff commented they certainly wouldn’t want to drive that every day and the engineering work is a show of good faith for those township residents who have been dealing with it for years. Photos: Genoa Township. (JM)