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Genesee County authorities still searching for a suspect who murdered a man in Fenton Township over the weekend.

Sheriff Chris Swanson says Orhan Hosic was gunned down at his apartment near Thompson and Jennings Saturday afternoon.

"I could tell you it's not random. It was very deliberate. So, the neighborhood doesn't have anything to worry about other than the tragedy that happened in our backyard," Swanson said on social media.

Residents reported an orange Chevy Camero in the area at the time of the murder.

"That orange Camero is something that stands out. People were seeing something drive down the expressway at a high-rate of speed. Those are all little pieces of the puzzle," said Swanson.

During an afternoon press conference, Swanson said the case is basically at a stall and they’ve worked over 100 different leads and tips but have little evidence and nothing concrete has turned up. He said there were no cameras or surveillance in the area, which makes it very difficult.

Swanson assured the community that there is nothing to be concerned about. He said Hosic was a Bosnian national who has been here for decades and graduated in the metro area; noting there were no problems with any neighbors, and no police contact or any domestic incidents. He described Hosic as a “loner” who ran a business out of his house.

Swanson said they’re kind of at a dead end at this point, saying it was a random act but there was clearly some kind of connection so they’re asking for the public’s assistance – notably anyone who noticed anything between noon and 5:49pm on Saturday at northeast corner of Thompson and Jennings Roads.

Anyone with information is urged to call 911 or contact the Genesee County Sheriff's dispatch at (810) 257-3422.