An upcoming fundraiser will benefit a well-known Hamburg Township employee facing terminal cancer.

Catt Pryde has worked at the township for 18 years in the clerk’s department running elections and is married with a family. She has been diagnosed with four different types of cancer over the last 12 years and beat all but the last - which has settled in her bones. There are no treatments available and the goal of an upcoming spaghetti dinner fundraiser is to raise funds to help her pay for medical costs and continuing infusions to keep her immune system going.

Deputy Hamburg Township Treasurer Tricia Wiggle-Bazzy is organizing the event to help bring the community together because Pryde has been such a staple for Livingston County and Hamburg Township. She says Pryde is also her best friend so it’s been tough but Pryde is a fighter. Wiggle-Bazzy says Pryde was diagnosed 12 years ago with breast cancer, went through years of treatment and beat it. A few years later, she was diagnosed with stomach cancer but did chemotherapy and radiation and then went into remission. In 2012, Pryde’s stomach cancer came back but she fought it again and did treatments and went into remission in 2014. Wiggle-Bazzy says in 2015, Pryde thought she pulled a muscle in her foot but after being in a boot for about a month, doctors had a feeling something else was wrong. A scan revealed that Pryde has terminal bone cancer – which Wiggle-Bazzy says is a form of breast cancer that is now in her bones and terminal at stage 4. She says unfortunately it’s really taking Pryde down quicker than normal and more recent scans from May of 2019 show that her timeline is dwindling. Pryde also can’t do any treatments because after 12 years of chemo and radiation, her liver and kidneys are destroyed.

Wiggle-Bazzy says they had to stop any type of treatments, even if there was something to try and prolong her life and help her live a little longer but at this point there’s nothing they can do. She says they’re currently awaiting results from a recent scan in December to see where the cancer has spread. It’s currently in Pryde’s ribs, spine, hips, pelvis, foot and shoulder. Wiggle-Bazzy says in the 12 years Pryde has been battling cancer and going to the University of Michigan Hospital, she’s racked up a lot of medical bills.

Wiggle-Bazzy tells WHMI Pryde is still working when she can and staying as strong as possible – which is why the slogan for the fundraiser is “never give up, never give in”. She says all funds raised will go toward Pryde’s medical costs and ongoing infusions that are needed to keep her immune system up so she doesn’t get susceptible to pneumonia or other things that could attack her because she’s so frail. Wiggle-Bazzy has also been organizing trips to help Pryde check off her bucket list – including a trip to Tennessee to have a record size cinnamon roll to a meet and greet with country singer Keith Urban (pictured). Next on that list is Las Vegas in February and a marshmallow factory. Wiggle-Bazzy says she can’t take the cancer away but wants to do what she can to help Pryde live her best life right now.

The spaghetti dinner fundraiser is planned on January 24th from 5 to 8pm at the Livingston County Wildlife & Conservation Club, which will be open to the public. There is a $10 suggested donation per person and the event will include a silent auction and basket raffles. Silent auction items are being sought and a PayPal account has also been set up for donations. Those interested in more information or donating can contact Wiggle-Bazzy at 734-564-1277 or email her at (JM)