April O'Neil / news@WHMI.com

Commissioners are reviewing a list of proposed funding for various road projects throughout Oakland County.

According to the Oakland Press, members of the county’s local road improvement program special committee recommended $2 million in road-project funding to be approved by the commission’s economic development and infrastructure committee.

$2 million was budgeted by the county commission to be used toward county road projects, including $100,550 in rollover funds from the previous year. It is still up to the cities and villages to pay for at least half the cost of the entire project in order to qualify for the program.

The proposed list of projects within the WHMI listening area includes:

Village of Holly, with $15,460 toward improvements for College Street from Maple to Baird.

Village of Milford, with $19,792 toward improvements for the ongoing Summit Street reconstruction project.

City of Novi, with $127,457 toward various road rehabilitation projects for Hudson, Magellan and Humbolt Drives, Desoto, Peary, and Ryan Courts.

South Lyon, with $17,300 toward improvements for Warren Street in the downtown area.

Wixom, with $38,471 toward improvements to 12 Mile Road, Oak Creek, and Century Industrial Park.

Commissioners will review the recommendations again on Thursday, May 25.

A link to an Oakland Press article with the full list of proposed roadwork projects is provided.