A Fowlerville High School student has been suspended for ten days after repeatedly punching a fellow student in the hallway on Thursday.

The fight was caught on cell phone video and broadcast by WDIV-TV in Detroit. In the video, one of the students confronts another in a crowded hallway and after making a threat, begins to violently punch the other student, knocking him to the ground, where he repeatedly punches him in the face until a pair of faculty members intervened and broke up the fight. The video of the fight was shared by students on social media.

In response to the incident, Fowlerville Community Schools Superintendent Wayne Roedel released the following statement;

“Fowlerville staff and administration reacted quickly, bravely intervening, separating the students and ensuring safety. Administration conducted a thorough investigation and applied all appropriate disciplinary consequences. This was an isolated incident in which the students involved were not interested in solving their issues in a civil manner.

The Fowlerville Community School District does not condone this type of behavior and strives to teach students how to cope with adverse situations. We mentor students to encourage them to choose better and non-violent alternatives to solving disagreements. The Fowlerville High School student code of conduct is clear about how situations like this are handled from a disciplinary perspective.

When isolated incidents like this take place, it is natural to think that it is the norm and it is far from normal at FHS. Incidents of assault or even fighting are rare at Fowlerville Community Schools and are met with rigorous but appropriate consequences. School officials will continue to promote the safe environment that currently exists at FHS and to focus on curriculum, student achievement, and supporting the 99.9 percent of students who are focused on their school and life goals and who treat each other with civility, empathy and respect.

In compliance with FERPA laws, there is no further or more specific information I can share about the incident."

The student who threw the punch was suspended for 10 days, pending a meeting with the school board when further disciplinary action could be taken.

Picture courtesy of clickondetroit.com (JK)