As Fowlerville Community Schools’ students get ready for summer break, school officials are getting ready for a busy summer of infrastructure improvements.

Thanks to the school bond passed in May 2017, several improvements are ready to get underway this summer throughout the FCS district. New LED lighting will be installed throughout both Smith and Kreeger Elementary. Kreeger will also receive new flooring in all of its classrooms. The old track facility will be torn up and replaced with a state-of-the-art running surface. New press boxes, scoring booths and storage areas will also be added around the football, baseball, and softball fields, with upgrades to the soccer field coming, as well. Because of a grant from the Michigan State Police, new hardware and deadlocks will be installed on classroom doors, improving safety.

Roedel said there is also some the behind the scenes work going on with the energy control system. The old system that controls the heat to each school is being replaced in every building to have better controls and reduce energy costs. That project may last into the fall, but as for the rest, Roedel said they should all be completed by the second week of August, in time for the new school year.

Roedel is excited for the work, saying that when the students, parents, and staff come back the district is going to look better and feel better. He said that “when it’s nice and you feel good about where you’re at, you learn more. And that’s really what we’re all about.” (MK)