Jessica Mathews /

A mock crash event will be held at Fowlerville High School this week to remind students and the community about the dangers and consequences of unsafe driving behaviors.

The Fowlerville Police Department is working to ensure the safety of the student body – especially during prom season. Officers will be conducting the mock crash event in an effort to send a “hard hitting reminder” prior to prom about the dangers of drinking and driving, distracted driving, driving at unsafe speeds, and not buckling up.

The Department says traffic crashes are a major cause of death for teens due to inexperience, risk-taking, distractions, and poor seat belt compliance.

The Department encourages parents and guardians to set a good example when driving, reinforce teen driving laws, and talk to their teens about the dangers and serious consequences of underage drinking, not wearing a seatbelt, speeding, and distracted driving. It further advises families to set their own driving rules to help protect teens from being injured or killed in a crash.

The mock crash event will take place Thursday at 1pm in the Performing Arts Center parking lot at Fowlerville High School.

The Fowlerville Police and Fire Departments, Livingston County EMS, and Corrigan Towing will be conducting the event.

The mock crash uses real crashed vehicles set up on school grounds and student participants will act out roles as crash victims. Junior and Senior students will watch the demonstration and learn how emergency responders conduct rescue efforts in real time.

Photo: Pinckney Mock Crash 2014.