A community farewell party is planned as Livingston County’s longest serving Fire Chief prepares to ride off into retirement.

Fowlerville Fire Chief John Wright’s last day is this Saturday. On Friday afternoon, from 1-4pm, the public and firefighters from around the area are invited to come bid him farewell at his retirement party, which is being held at the Main Station.

Chief Wright has been at the head position of the department since March of 1986. Deputy Chief Bob Feig, who has been named Wright’s successor, said Wright has shown an ability to adapt as responsibilities to the Chief’s role have changed. After the terrorist attacks of September 11th, a different command system was put in place with new rules and regulations for firefighters to follow.

Fieg was one of Wright’s first hires 34 years ago and said that Wright has been instrumental in keeping the department up to date. He noted that along with equipment, the state and condition of their fire trucks now compared to what they had when he started, has greatly improved. Chief Wright plans on staying within the community, in retirement.

Feig’s first day as Chief will be Sunday. He said his initial goals are to keep the department moving forward, while staying appraised of new changes and requirements that firefighters will be responsible for. (MK)