A Fowlerville restaurant has received local governmental approval to be granted a Class C Liquor License.

Sam Jishi, owner of the Fowlerville Farms Family Restaurant, was before the Village of Fowlerville’s council Monday, seeking approval for the liquor license. There are two class C liquor licenses in the village, one of which is utilized by Grille in the Ville, while the other had previously been assigned to Lucky’s Pub. Village Clerk Kathryn Arledge says Lucky’s Pub has been vacant for quite a while and when the owner decided against moving forward with the business, the second class C liquor license became available. Arledge says she spoke with the state’s Liquor Control Commission about how the issuing of a license is determined and was told it was on a first come, first served basis. Council unanimously voted to approve the license for Fowlerville Farms. Local governmental approval is required as part of the application for the license through the state.

Jishi told councilmembers that if granted the license, the restaurant will still remain family-friendly. He says the restaurant currently is only open until 11pm and that he plans to keep it that way for the time being if granted the liquor license. Jishi assured council he’s not looking to cause a disruption or create a 2am bar, but that he simply wants to be able to offer beer, wine or cocktails for those who want to enjoy one with their meal. Council unanimously approved his request for the license so that he can proceed with his application through the state. Police Chief John Tyler noted that the department has not had any problems with any of Jishi’s other establishments, which includes four gas stations. Three of the gas stations sell beer and wine, while one serves beer, wine and liquor. Chief Tyler says the businesses have always complied with village and state regulations and does not foresee the restaurant’s ability to sell alcohol as a problem. Facebook photo. (DK)