After 25 years of serving and protecting the Fowlerville community, Police Officer Eric Sorenson is retiring.

Officer Eric Sorenson comes from a law enforcement family and began his own career in that field in northern Michigan, later coming to work as a full-time officer for the Fowlerville Police Department in 1994. Sorenson has remained a constant presence and pillar as a member of the community’s law enforcement for the last 25 years. Sorenson was recognized by Fowlerville’s Village Council at their meeting Monday. He was presented with a plaque that paid tribute to him for his dedication to his work, the community and the Police Department. He was also applauded for his “eagerness, knowledge and ability to complete his duties”.

At Council’s meeting, Police Chief John Tyler shared that Sorenson has been a mentor to him, also noting a quality that was mentioned several times – Sorenson’s sense of humor. Trustee Mary Helfmann shared an anecdote about how when she first met Sorenson, she promised to bake him cookies. Once she did, he told her that his wife made better cookies then she did. Sorenson’s lasting impression must have trumped the debate because at the meeting Helfmann said the family is still always welcome over to her house for cookies.

Looking ahead to retirement, Sorenson says it’s the people and his coworkers that he will miss the most. In a true testament to those relationships, numerous individuals attended the meeting to wish Sorenson well, including Village and Township officials, and members of the Police and Fire Department. Sorenson says serving the community has been a pleasure and an honor and that he’s learned a lot, as well as hopes he passed that knowledge onto others. Sorenson will retire from duty January 1st. (DK)