Final approvals for a new veterinary clinic have been granted by the Genoa Township board.

A special land use permit for Four Seasons Veterinary Services was approved during Monday night’s board meeting, along with an environmental impact assessment and sketch plan. The new clinic will be located in the existing building of Kil’s Tae Kwon Do located at 6936 Grand River Avenue, which is currently undergoing renovations in preparation for multi-tenant commercial space. The clinic is next to the Salvation Army thrift store and across the street from Rollerama. The total site is 2.11 acres and zoned neighborhood services district. No overnight boarding or grooming will be permitted.

Dr. Michelle Bradford tells WHMI she’s been working through the approval process over the last year so she’s excited to have everything come to fruition and offer the services to the community. Bradford says it’s a general practice and medical services clinic specializing in advanced tissue and orthopedic services that will feature a welcoming environment.

The special use permit was approved for the new clinic with some conditions. Among them are planting six deciduous greenbelt trees along Grand River and installing a hedgerow to screen a dedicated outdoor animal walk area before June, which will be a maintained grassy area. There was some discussion by board members about why a dog walk area is being put in by the front of the building by Grand River instead of the back.

Bradford noted it’s basically an area for animals to relieve themselves upon entering or exiting the clinic, but also as a walk area for animals that undergo medical procedures, without having to take them way over to the back of the building. Various steps are also being taken to minimize and manage noise such as installing sound baffles and acoustic wall panels; using rooms and storage areas to buffer between loud and quiet rooms; and specially designing the HVAC system. (JM)