It’s been one week to the day since the tragic school shooting in Florida and around 200 students at a local school held a walkout, along with others across the nation.

After learning students at Scranton Middle School were planning to take part, administrators and staff began planning a way to safely support students and allow them to assemble peacefully and show respect for the 17 lives tragically lost in Florida last week. An impromptu walk-out was organized, and about 200 students made the choice to join the movement and conduct a walk-out at noon, during lunch period. It was said to be a respectful gathering, and some students held hands while others bowed their heads.

Attendance was optional and participation not required. Officials said while they value educational minutes, they also know that student advocacy and students taking responsibility for their safety in schools is equally important. A letter issued to Scranton Middle School parents is attached. (JM)