The National Weather Service says a flood warning for the Huron River near Hamburg Township will remain in effect through the weekend.

The warning, issued today, states that minor flooding is occurring and that as of 5:15pm, the river stage was at 6.97 feet and steady. Flood stage is considered to be 6.5 feet. The NWS notes that dry weather is expected through the weekend and the river is forecasted to fall below flood stage on Monday.

The Hamburg Township Fire Department also issued a notice today that burn restrictions will be lifted now through August 7th to allow residents to clean up yard debris that may have come from last weekend’s storms.

Also currently in effect is a No Wake request along the Huron River and the chain of lakes in the municipality. Township Supervisor Pat Hohl says the river’s flood stage has caused water to be present in several crawl spaces and many docks and sea walls are under water. Wakes exacerbate wave action along the shore and, as shorelines are encroaching onto residents’ yards and over their docks, additional wave action presents a safety issue. Officials say they’ll monitor the forecast and lift the no wake request accordingly. (DK)