An off-duty Flint police officer who accidentally discharged his firearm during a wrestling meet at Fowlerville High School has entered a plea.

40-year-old Mark Andrew Boudreau of Flushing appeared in 53rd District Court in Howell Friday and pleaded no contest to one count of careless discharge of a firearm causing property damage over $50. Boudreau’s plea was not accepted but will be taken under advisement for a period of nine months during which he must adhere to certain conditions.

Boudreau cannot possess any firearms on Fowlerville Community School grounds and must comply with any disciplinary measures, gun safety or training requirements imposed by the Flint Police Department. He must also pay $250 restitution to the district to cover the cost of repairs to the gym floor that was damaged when his firearm went off.

The charge against Boudreau will be dismissed upon successful performance of the agreement’s terms and conditions. If he does not comply, violates the law or fails to return to court May 14th for a review hearing, his plea will be accepted and a conviction entered. The court would also be allowed to impose any sentence permitted by law.

Boudreau was standing on the gym floor at the May 5th wrestling meet when his off-duty sidearm discharged. The bullet went into the floor and though there were no injuries from the gunshot, one person was treated by EMS for a twisted ankle. The wrestling meet resumed after about 50 minutes. The wrestling meet was not a Fowlerville district event, but instead one organized by a third party. Boudreau was legally licensed to carry the firearm at the time of the incident. (DK)