A local community bank is working with customers impacted by the federal government shutdown.

First National Bank, the only bank headquartered in Livingston County, says it is committed to working with customers impacted by the federal government shutdown. The shutdown has entered its fourth week and federal employees are now going without their first paycheck. President/CEO Ron Long says federal government employees deserve their attention and help and it's what a community-based financial institution should do as these are family, friends and neighbors. Long says while Livingston County may not have a significant population of federal government employees, there are individuals, non-profit organizations and even small businesses with federal contracts who are impacted nonetheless and the shutdown puts a strain on all of them.

First National has pledged it will work with impacted customers on an individual basis to help them weather the shutdown. Long says there are often options other than a short term personal loan, cash advance on a credit card or dipping into investments or savings and staff is ready and willing to help identify solutions where they exist. He says that could mean helping a customer postpone a loan payment without a fee or helping to refinance a loan from another institution and delaying the first payment due date. Small business solutions could include working through a commercial loan payment plan, receivables financing or even assistance with what to do with a pending SBA loan during the shutdown. Long says while the bank may not be able to help in every situation, those impacted by the federal government shutdown who are experiencing financial hardship are encouraged to reach out as soon as possible to discuss individual arrangements and options. He says the earlier each situation can be reviewed, the easier it may be to identify and implement potential solutions. (JM)