Residents with Brighton city water service are being advised of hydrant flushing this week.

The City of Brighton Utilities Department will be flushing fire hydrants throughout the City’s water utility service area between the hours of 7am and 3:30pm starting Tuesday, May 7th lasting through Friday, May 11th. They will also be performing work between 12am and 6am on Tuesday morning, May 7th.

Officials advise residents and businesses to plan water use accordingly, as the procedure may cause some disturbances and discoloration in the water system following the flushing. Customers may also experience a temporary drop in pressure. They are also advised to refrain from washing white or light colored clothes during the flushing period. Those that do experience discoloration and rust particles in their water should run cold water faucets only for approximately 10 minutes to clear the discolored water from your system. If the water is still discolored, repeat the same process one hour later.

Those that continue to experience discolored water can call Utilities Director Tim Krugh at 810-227-9479 or e-mail at (JM)