By Jon King and Mike Kruzman /

Final arguments in the pre-trial hearing for two men charged with the deaths of 11 Livingston County residents has been rescheduled for a fourth time due to the pandemic.

Barry Cadden and Glenn Chin were charged with second degree murder in 2019 by the Michigan Attorney General’s Office for their roles in running the New England Compounding Center. Cadden was part owner and Chin was supervising pharmacist at the facility, in which authorities say lax conditions were allowed to infect steroid produced there that led to the 2012 outbreak that killed more than 100 people nationwide and sickened nearly a thousand others.

Following multiple days of testimony held over a two month period, final arguments had been set originally for late March. Due to COVID-19 they were re-set for first for April 8th, then for May 21st and then again for Wednesday. 53rd District Court Judge Shauna Murphy had signed an order to hold Wednesday’s final arguments via two-way video with her final decision on whether or not to send the case to trial in circuit court. However, final arguments and that decision have again been delayed because Cadden and Chin wish to be there in person.

On Tuesday, Judge Murphy signed a new order pushing the new final arguments date to August 19th at 1:30pm. The proceedings will be available to the public via livestream on YouTube, through the Court’s website. In the meantime,

Cadden and Chin remain in custody at the Livingston County Jail, where they were transferred late last year from federal facilities in Pennsylvania where they were serving time from a previous conviction in the case.