By Jessica Mathews /

New trail improvements through the woods at Fillmore County Park were made possible thanks to a local Eagle Scout.

Mathew Prokuda is part of Troop 381 in Hartland Township. Prokuda and his family have volunteered their time and resources for many Livingston County park events. His project was detailed in a recent newsletter of the Livingston County Planning Department.

Prokuda set out to provide a solution to traversing what was described as a particularly muddy stretch of trail through a wetland area. He concluded that a bridge in the area would provide unhindered trail accessibility to visitors.

Prokuda was able to raise $1,200 in donations for his Eagle Scout project, which fully covered the cost of the bridge.

The 48-foot bridge was constructed by a team of volunteers, in four different sections on three pairs of legs that rest on concrete footers below the frostline. The bridge also takes an angle at one end to meet the existing trail on the other side.

The newsletter and photos are attached.