Fetal remains have been found at a third Michigan funeral home in less than two weeks.

An asbestos-removal crew on Monday discovered the skeletal remains of two fetuses at the former Mowen Funeral Home in Owosso. Police say the remains were in a casket inside a wooden box in a closet. The box containing the fetuses was found in an abandoned second-floor apartment of the former funeral home. Markings on the box indicate that the box is more than fifty years old.

The funeral home, located on W. Main Street in Owosso, has been closed for more than two years and is being prepared for demolition. The exact age of the remains was not known, but a review by the Shiawassee County Medical Examiner's Office determined both fetuses were born around 20 weeks' gestation.

The findings are just the latest in a long string of fetus remains found inside funeral homes across Michigan. On Friday, police removed the remains of 63 fetuses from Perry Funeral Home in Detroit. The remains of 10 fetuses and a still-born infant were found Oct. 12 at the Cantrell Funeral Home in Detroit. (JK)