By Jessica Mathews /

Fenton Township is proceeding with a grant application for a potential trail project.

At a recent meeting, the township board voted 6-1 to approve a resolution in support of submitting a grant application for development of the Silver Lake Road Connector Trail. The application is for $997,000 through the Michigan Department of Transportation’s “Transportation Alternatives Program” or TAP grant. The Tri-County Times reports that Clerk Robert Krug was opposed and cited a failed millage vote in Fenton City, Fenton Township and Linden that would have generated funds to develop non-motorized pathways.

The connector trial is part of a larger goal to develop connectivity within the Southern Genesee County communities of the Cities of Fenton and Linden, and Argentine and Fenton Townships. Once completed, the resolution states the trail would eliminate a significant safety concern for pedestrians who walk or bike within Silver Lake Road - a heavily traveled 45mph roadway. The trail would connect existing non-motorized facilities at the northwest corner of Arbor Drive and Silver Lake Road within the City of Fenton with existing non-motorized facilities at the northwest corner of East Broad Street and Silver Lake Road in the City of Linden. The pathway would be constructed along the south side of Silver Lake Road through Fenton Township, the City of Fenton and the City of Linden and effectively connects Triangle Park in Linden with Silver Lake Park in Fenton.

The trail project has already received dedicated funding toward matching contributions from the involved municipalities and Southern Lakes Parks and Recreation in the amount of $15,000 each, the Genesee County Metropolitan Planning Commission in the amount of $441,509 and other parties. The City of Fenton has agreed to accept ownership and maintenance responsibility of the proposed trail in perpetuity.