Officials in Fenton Township have set the list of possible community improvements that could come with help from a grant. The Fenton Township Board of Trustees has approved a list of projects that could be completed through the help of Community Development Block Grant, or CDBG, funding. According to the Tri-County Times, the township is set to receive just over $82,000 in grant money for the next 3 years, going into 2021.

Fenton Township’s operations manager and deputy clerk made a recommendation to board that it would be in their best interest to consider demolishing the building at 3095 Thompson Road to reduce property tax liability. The vacant building on that lot used to be Fenton Fast Lane, and has caused debate among board members for months on what to do with it. Another consideration for that parcel would be to renovate it for public use; a project that could include improvements to bathrooms, the parking lot, and building entrances.

Paving the intersection of Old Linden Road at Thompson Road is also on the approved list. Similar projects were completed recently at four intersections using the CDBG funds from 2016 to 2018. Barrier-free improvements to improve handicap accessibility and other quality-of-life additions to the Thompson Road Regional Dog Park are a consideration, as well as new ditching and culvert replacements in needed areas of unpaved roads such as Odell Road, Fairbanks Road, and Jennings Road. Jennings Road is also in need of crack sealing, especially in the high-trafficked area between Thompson and Lahring Road.

Once the project applications have been successfully completed, the Board of Trustees will discuss further on where to spend the funding. (MK)