A road project in Fenton that could have been moved up 2 years ahead of schedule has been kept on its original timeline to offer some relief to local business.

The Torrey Road rehabilitation project will see roughly 1 mile of asphalt crush and shape, paving, a passive flare at one intersection, and a new sidewalk from North Road to the city limit in 2022. Fenton City Council had an opportunity to move the project up to next year, but decided at their recent meeting against doing so, according to the Tri-County Times.

Council members, cognizant of the impact that current roundabout construction at North Road and Torrey is having, felt it unfair to schedule a new project in the same area so soon. The roundabout project is scheduled to be completed in November. Delaying the 2022 rehabilitation project will not affect the funding opportunities available. The City is expected to receive federal Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) funding for roughly $858,000, with the city matching about $215,000.

Public Works Director Dan Brisson estimates the total cost of the project to be $1.25-million, with the city being on board for $400,000 of that. To receive the funding for 2020, engineering services would have to begun this fall. As they are now not yet needed, City Council voted unanimously in favor of tabling a request to approve engineering services at their September 9th meeting. (MK)