By Mike Kruzman /

Fenton City Council has approved the return of late-weekday downtown fun that was a success last summer.

The “Fenton Street Experience” is coming back on Thursday and Friday evenings from 5pm until 9pm beginning May 20th. It is scheduled to run weekly through October 14th and 15th. In a memo to City Council, City Manager Lynn Markland wrote that one of the takeaway from last year’s event was an appreciation from the public and especially families to have pedestrian use of the streets those evenings. It also helped businesses, including restaurants and bars that took advantage of a joint right-of-way application for the use of sidewalks during the event. This year, Markland says they are doing it again and have also created a number of mini-events to supplement the Experience, with health, safety, and welfare in mind. The Farmer’s Market will also run on Thursdays.

Roads that will be closed to vehicles for the event will be Shiawassee Avenue from Adelaide Street to LeRoy Street, and LeRoy from Shiawassee to Caroline Street, according to the Tri-County Times. If needed, the police chief could close others.

City Council voted unanimously on the measure.