The results of a recent study conducted for the Silver Lake Corridor in Fenton were presented to city council on Monday night.

The City of Fenton hired traffic engineer Pete LaMourie earlier this winter to conduct a study of the roadway conditions between Silver Parkway and Leroy Street. Within the corridor there are seven major intersections that produce heavy traffic during peak hours. The study was used to help determine the most effective ways to address roadway and traffic signal concerns.

LaMourie addressed city council regarding his findings. Two major concerns were addressed. The simpler of the issues involves improving signal timing at several intersections to improve traffic flow. LaMourie said with the help of the Genesee County Road Commission he could see the signal timing being adjusted within the next month. The other improvement involves extending several left hand turn lanes. Extending the lanes could take place over the course of the next 5-10 years.

The next steps involve LaMourie working along with M-DOT and the Road Commission to move forward with the improvements and discuss funding options. (DF/JK)