A local district went into secure mode after a report of a possible suspicious person on school property.

Fenton Area Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Adam Hartley sent out a district communication about the incident on Thursday. A call was made to Fenton Police around 10am about a suspicious person walking by Andrew G. Schmidt Middle School on Donaldson Drive. Police notified the district, which in turn placed all of the schools in “secure mode” for precautionary reasons. That means teaching as normal but classroom doors remain closed and locked with hallway activity limited. No one is allowed to enter the building, and classes/lunches run on a normal schedule. Elementary schools have inside recess.

Hartley says Fenton Police were quick in assessing the situation, did not find evidence of a threat, and thus the secure mode was lifted. Hartley says police later learned the suspicious person was a Fenton resident out for a walk, there was no threat, and students and staff were never in danger. He thanked first responders and staff for acting quickly, while also making sure students understood why buildings were placed in secure mode. Hartley further stressed how important it is to be aware of surroundings and communicate anything that may seem out of the ordinary. (JM)