Fenton Area Public Schools advised parents and the community about a suspicious incident while a student was waiting for the bus Monday.

Superintendent Dr. Adam Hartley said the incident occurred around 8am as a Tomek-Eastern Elementary student was standing in her driveway waiting for the bus when a red truck with a black tailgate drove by her numerous times. The student became frightened and went back to her house. Hartley says while inside, the student saw the truck pull in her driveway and wait there for approximately 10 minutes, while pointing at her. The Fenton Police Department is investigating the incident but Hartley says they felt it was appropriate to notify the community of the suspicious behavior. He says it’s a good reminder to talk with students about awareness and safety, noting the student chose to do the right thing by going back to her house and notifying her parents.

Anyone with information about the incident or truck in question should contact Fenton Police. (JM)