Following a brutal winter, students in Fenton Area Public Schools will have some make up days come June.

The district says this past winter was a winter to remember and between the ice, snow and severe cold, classes were canceled twelve times. The Michigan Department of Education will forgive six severe weather days, but public schools can complete a waiver requesting that three additional days be forgiven. Fenton applied for a waiver and it was granted, which the district says leaves three days to make up. A memo states that administration worked with the teachers union to develop a revised calendar. Superintendent Adam Hartley said he understands canceling school due to severe weather or dangerous road conditions places some families in a tight spot and by revising the calendar, some families may have to rearrange schedules. He says the revised calendar represents their priority to teaching and learning, as well as their desire to keep families safe in the winter.

June 6th and 7th were originally half days but will now be full days under the revised calendar. June 7th would have been the last day of school. With the make up days, students will now have a full day of classes on Monday, June 10th followed by half days on Tuesday and Wednesday, June 11th and 12th. (JM)