A suspicious incident while a student was waiting for the bus was actually a misunderstanding.

Fenton Area Public Schools sent out a communication Monday after a morning incident involving a Tomek-Eastern Elementary student waiting for the bus, who reported a suspicious truck that drove by numerous times. The student became frightened and went inside, and the truck eventually pulled in her driveway.

Superintendent Dr. Adam Hartley says due to the diligence of the Fenton Police Department, they now know that the truck roaming neighborhoods Monday morning was work related and not a dangerous situation. He was notified the truck belonged to a contractor working in the neighborhood. Hartley says the driver could not find the house he was scheduled to work at and pulled in a driveway to make a phone call. He says police talked with both the homeowner and the contractor to confirm it was indeed the truck and driver that caused the alert.

Hartley noted the student did the right thing by returning home and the parent did the right thing by calling the police. Since the letter was sent out, he says both the school district and the police department have received many calls regarding the incident. Hartley says the community showed once again how caring and protective it is when it comes to the safety of children by sharing tips, talking with neighbors, and communicating with the appropriate people. (JM)