The City of Fenton’s Downtown Development Authority provided the final piece to the puzzle that will allow for improvements to Riverwalk.

As the 2015 Streetscape project was nearing completion, the Fenton Parks and Recreation Board began exploring new options to help draw families and visitors into the city. What they came up was a Riverwalk Improvement Project that will add a lot of amenities and fix some existing ones that could use some care. DDA Chairman Craig Schmidt expects the project to be a hit with kayakers. New kayak launches and lockers will be built to let enthusiasts secure their vessel as they shop, eat, and enjoy the downtown area. Other highlights of the project include playground rejuvenation, trail extensions, and wellness stations to be built around the path for those looking to fit more exercise into their walks.

Estimated costs put the project at roughly $430,000. A Trust Fund Grant from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources is available for maximum of $300,000, if the city can provide a 30% match. Public Works Director Dan Czarnecki was before the DDA Tuesday night to ask for the remaining balance of the match which was $41,000 of the $133,000 total. The DDA Board was in unanimous support, feeling this to be money well spent on making Fenton a “destination city.”

Their committed funds, to be budgeted next year, allows the city to apply for the grant, which must be sent in by April 1st. Work on the improvement project is not likely to start until at least spring 2019. (MK)