The owner of a popular day spa in Fenton presented an updated rendering for their new building to be constructed.

Rejuv Ave Spa has seen growing success over the past few years and is preparing to move out of their leased space on Leroy Street in Fenton to a new location On Mill Street and Adelaide. At Thursday night’s meeting of the Planning Commission, representatives brought a new rendering of the building for comment and clarification. Acting Chairperson Skip Bancroft said this new plan was more in line with what the City of Fenton requires of businesses downtown. Bancroft said that they don’t want to prevent business owners from doing some things with their buildings, but that the City of Fenton has long standing design standards that they work hard to enforce. The goal, he said, is keep the city from having a “hodge podge” look about it.

With Rejuv moving to a corner location, the Planning Commission at a previous meeting was concerned about how far the front facing limestone material would wrap around to the side. It was decided between the parties, that with one windowed bay and two architectural panels that could in the future be windowed, that the limestone should extend to the end of the third panel on the side. The owner was eager and willing to work with the Planning Commission, though he said this was going to hurt his budget. Members of the Commission and city planning team were all impressed by the design and are excited to see it be built. Planning Consultant Carmine Avantini said he expects the spa to thrive in the new location and wouldn’t be surprised if they came back in a few years looking to expand. (MK)