The Detroit Institute of Arts has selected the City of Fenton to be a part of their 9th Annual Inside/Out Program.

For a 90 day period, Fenton will be one of the several Michigan communities filled with quality artworks provided by the DIA. From April 15th until July 15th, up to 15 canvas reproductions will be scattered along the riverwalk behind Fenton City Hall for pedestrians to enjoy. For nine years, the DIA has chosen cities throughout Michigan to provide pieces of art for outdoor enjoyment during the spring and summer months. The Inside/Out Program will be funded by the DIA through their Knight Foundation Grant, meaning no city dollars will be spent by Fenton on this project. Along with the Fenton Arts Commission, the DIA will also be providing tours to visitors for each art piece and also is willing to provide school trips to the DIA for all schools interested. During Monday night’s meeting, all city council members seemed very excited for The Inside/Out Program to get underway.

Construction of the program will begin on April 9th and the program will also coincide with the 8th Annual Fenton Art Walk taking place on July 14th. (DF)