A Fenton High School student accused of making a verbal threat against the school Wednesday could face criminal charges.

Superintendent Dr. Adam Hartley sent out a letter explaining the incident this morning. The letter states the student made a comment during the last block of the day and threatened to harm Fenton High School. The student’s teacher referred the matter to administration, which investigated and contacted Fenton Police. It was determined there was no credible threat to students or staff but the student has since been removed from school. Hartley says all threats are taken seriously and if substantiated, will result in criminal charges as well as disciplinary measures up to and including expulsion. He advised parents to use the opportunity to remind their child of the serious nature of any threats.

Fenton Police and administration continue to investigate. A report will be forwarded to the Genesee County Prosecutor’s Office, which will determine if charges are warranted or not. (JM)