It’s been three years since the tragically fatal carbon monoxide poisoning of a Fenton Township family.

The family of six, 35-year-old Len and 39-year-old Heather Quasarano and their children; 11-year-old Luke, 9-year-old Brenden, 7-year-old Rachel and 2-year-old Grant, went to sleep inside their home in the Stony Brook subdivision on February 19th, 2016 and never woke up. Their bodies were found two days later. An investigation later determined that the deaths were caused by fumes from a generator that was hooked up to a propane tank in the basement of the home following a power outage.

In the aftermath of the tragedy, Len Quasarano’s parents, Phil and Laura Quasarano, started The Q Project, which gives carbon monoxide detectors away for free through the Fenton Township Fire Department. A February 20th post on The Q Project’s Facebook asked that the Quasarano family be remembered, encouraging community members to remember to hug their children and tell them how much they are loved, and to test carbon monoxide detectors or replace them.

Residents are reminded not to use a generator, charcoal grill, camp stove, or other gasoline or charcoal-burning device inside their home, basement, or garage or near a window, or to heat their house with a gas oven. Other precautionary steps are to never run a vehicle inside an attached garage, or burn anything in a fireplace or stove that isn’t vented. More information about carbon monoxide poisoning and prevention guidance can be found at the link below. (DK)