A Fenton couple worried about vehicles driving at dangerous speeds is asking the city to lower the speed limit on a residential stretch of road.

Robert and Marie Bechtel live on a stretch of North LeRoy Street in Fenton between North Road and Silver Lake Road. As development continues to prosper downtown, they have become concerned with growing traffic problems, as they see it. Earlier this month they approached City Council with a document detailing their concerns, according to the Tri-County Times. The Bechtels noted that in that specific 3/4 –mile stretch laid several pedestrian destinations, including Bush Park, 2 churches, and a school. The posted speed limit in the area is 35, but the couple claims most are driving 10 miles per hour or more faster, and at a speed that often rattles their walls.

Fenton City Manager Lynn Markland said that many times pedestrians overestimate nearby passing vehicles’ speed and that when he drives through that area, traffic seems to following the speed limit. The Fenton Police Department will soon do a speed study there, nonetheless. Markland said they will look at creating a new crossing near Bush Park, as there isn’t one in the area but noted that there may be challenges. Due to recent regulation changes with the Michigan Department of Transportation, a pedestrian activated signal that the Bechtels asked for isn’t an option. The City Manager said that once the speed study is done, they will consider what other options may be realistic. (MK)