A new Construction Board of Appeals was formally approved this week by Fenton City Council.

In a memo to City Manager Lynn Markland, Building and Zoning Administrator Mike Reilly stated that, “Upon review and consultation with the city clerk, it is apparent that a formal, approved Construction Board of Appeals was never established.” The board is required by law to provide an aggrieved party the opportunity to appeal a decision or interpretation of existing laws and statutes. The State Construction Codes require the formation of an appeals board with members who are qualified by licensure or experience.

Reilly then recommended the appointment of five individuals to one, two and three-year terms. By-laws previously approved in 1995 state that a chairman and vice-chairman will be chosen by the board’s membership, with the chairman in charge of scheduling meetings, which are to open to the public. Hearings must be scheduled within 30 days of a petitioner submitting a formal request, with a decision then due within 90 days after the hearing. (JK)