The City of Fenton is proceeding with a commercial property verification program.

At a recent meeting, Council approved entering into an agreement with Stacey Kaake to perform commercial property verification for the 2020 assessment year at a cost not to exceed $2,000. A memo states the assessor’s office currently has shared service agreements with the City of Linden and Grand Blanc. With the additional workload on the department, it was discovered that several special projects could not be completed with current staff. Thus, some projects will be contracted out including the Commercial Property Verification Program. It’s said to be similar to the City’s residential re-inspection program but only applies to commercial properties.

Work involves a review of commercial parcels to check for measurements, depreciation and other factors that would affect the true cash value of the properties. New digital, color photographs will also be taken of each commercial building on a property to be placed on the City’s BSA software. (JM)