By Jessica Mathews /

The Fenton City Council held a virtual meeting Tuesday night and an update was provided on COVID-19 safety precautions.

City Manager Lynn Markland informed Council that the City recently purchased two electro-static sanitizing machines. Two are backpack style and two are handheld units, which will be used to sanitize buildings and vehicles including police, DPW and fire vehicles. Markland commended Fire Chief Bob Cairnduff for investigating and looking at different options before making the final recommendation. The machines were deemed the best option because they utilize a process that doesn’t leave any film coating to clean up after, which makes it faster and cleaner. Markland said the cost of the machines was just under $12,000 but noted that does not include the cost of the product that will be used to do the sanitizing. Mayor Sue Osborn noted during the meeting that the City has received a donation of $5,000 toward the purchase of sanitizing machines.

Meanwhile, Markland reported various other safety measures are being put in place. He said a barrier is being put up in the reception area of City Hall and countertops were installed Tuesday. Markland said that work is going well and there are a few other things to be done to make sure the building is as safe as possible. He said they are also creating a one-way traffic area through City Hall so residents don’t cross each other when coming and going – they’ll enter from the south door and then exit through the north door.