By Jon King /

A Livingston County group accused of spreading false COVID information and conspiracy theories has had restrictions placed on its closed social media page by Facebook.

Jennifer Smith, an administrator for the Moms for Liberty Livingston County Facebook page, recently posted a notice on its page that it had “several posts flagged overnight and several hundred (400+) members removed.” It then went on to say that “Facebook has on a warning/restricted us and we can’t add anyone until 12/7/2021.”

Smith is the same Brighton parent who has been outspoken at recent meetings of the Brighton Area Schools Board of Education against mask mandates, COVID testing, and quarantines. In fact, at the November 22nd meeting of the board, during which quarantine protocols were discussed, Smith threatened the trustees they would either be recalled or, in her words, “We’re coming for you. Take it as a threat. Call the FBI. I don’t care. You’re all either going to be recalled or we’re all coming for you. That’s what’s happening.” (Smith's comments come at around the two hour, forty-five minute mark)

Facebook users who search out the group are greeted with a message that states; “When it comes to health, everyone wants reliable, up-to-date information. It's important to separate facts from false information and hoaxes. See the latest from health authorities for answers to questions you may have about coronavirus (COVID-19).”

Some of the misinformation that the group has posted on the page includes statements such as “there is no such thing as a COVID virus,” “Vaxxed people are the cause of it,” (referring to the spread of the disease) or that the COVID vaccines are “poison”.

Restrictions were placed recently on the Moms for Liberty Macomb County chapter for similar misinformation.

One of the groups that are applauding the restriction is the Michigan Parent Alliance for Safe Schools (MiPASS), which has been petitioning for a universal mask mandate to be implemented in Michigan schools. Katie Deck of Howell is with the group. ”Facebook cracking down on groups that spread dangerous disinformation is necessary and right,” said Deck. “Not only are Moms for Liberty and similar groups completely irresponsible and dangerous in what they post, but they refuse to do their duty as Americans and join us in fighting this virus. It’s groups like these that are behind our hospitals being overwhelmed with mostly unvaccinated patients. Denying science isn't going to stop the virus; only doing our part in this fight - as fellow country men and women will. We feel heartbroken for our health care professionals, who are worn out and exhausted by people flooding hospitals because of the lies groups like Moms for Liberty spread. We sincerely hope Facebook, and other social media platforms will continue to hold groups accountable that spread dangerous disinformation that puts lives at risk.”

A request for comment was made to Moms for Liberty Livingston County.

Meanwhile, a special meeting of the Brighton Area Schools Board of Education has been scheduled for Tuesday night to discuss a proposed masking mandate for all students in the district. That meeting is set to begin at 7pm in the BECC Building.