April O'Neil / news@WHMI.com

Looking to learn a little something about Michigan’s natural resources this summer? The State Park Explorer Program is a great place to start.

With the help of a personal explorer guide for your group, families can hike, catch a fish, look and listen for birds, and get up close and personal with local wildlife.

Explorer guides are stationed at 35 state parks and recreation areas around Michigan from Memorial Day through the end of August, and they host a variety of programs featuring each location’s rich and varied natural resources.

Park visitors can participate in fun and engaging hikes, games, activities and crafts, all while learning about what makes each park special.

One featured event this year for bird enthusiasts, Michigan’s Feathered Friends Weekend June 16-18, will occur at state parks and feature guided bird hikes and bird identification programs.

For information on where you can participate, visit the Michigan DNR "Nature Programs" page at the provided link, or call park staff directly.

The DNR is also hiring seasonal explorer guides with positions starting at $13-$15 per hour. Explorer guides are needed at Algonac, Brighton, Brimley, Burt Lake, Fort Custer, Mears, North and South Higgins, Rifle River, and Sleeper/Port Crescent state parks.

A link to apply is also provided.