By Tom Tolen /

A Howell teenager fighting cancer is going to Washington, DC, courtesy of an organization that grants wishes to young people who have cancer. And, to top it off, Ethan Conley also received a personal letter from President Joe Biden.

Conley was diagnosed with anaplastic large cell lymphoma last summer just before he turned 18 and right after he graduated from high school. He went through chemotherapy, spending most of his days in the hospital after that, and was pretty downhearted. However, he heard about the Nix's Wish Foundation, which grants wishes to young adults fighting cancer, and wrote to the organization, stating his wish to meet President Biden in person. Well, the President did reply, stating that he was sorry about Ethan's cancer and that Ethan was in his — and First Lady Jill Biden’s - prayers.

Ethan is now cancer-free and Nik’s Wish Foundation is paying for his and his family's upcoming trip to Washington, DC in March to see the many national monuments in the nation’s capitol. In Ethan’s reply to the president, he stated, “First off thank you for taking time out of your day. This letter really brought me from a pretty low place to really where I am today.”

Ethan has also received a scholarship to Central Michigan University, where he is looking forward to playing trumpet in the Chippewa Marching Band. He told our media partners in Lansing, WLNS-TV, that, in his words, "DC is gonna be an awesome trip….because it's just all museums and monuments, and its our history.” Ethan said his message is to "celebrate the small things and never lose hope. Just remember, there’s always something on the other side waiting.”

President Biden’s letter to Ethan Conley:

“Jill and I were sorry to hear about the difficult times you are facing. We are keeping you in our prayers. Ethan, you are not alone in this fight. During challenging periods in my own life, I always turned to my loved ones for support. Your entire family is there for you and will give you strength and — above all else — love."