By Jon King/

Livingston County’s Intermediate School District has responded to the Governor’s request to expand capacity for child care services for the state’s essential workforce.

In her Executive Order 2020-16 Governor Whitmer last week called upon intermediate school districts, regional educational service agencies, and local districts across the state to expand the capacity for child care services to help support members of the essential workforce during the COVID-19 crisis.

Childhood experts at the Livingston Educational Services Agency are coordinating emergency child care services to assist essential workforce members with child care needs during the crisis. Members of the essential workforce include health care workers, home health workers, direct care workers, emergency medical service providers, first responders, law enforcement personnel, sanitation workers, child care workers, personnel providing correctional services, postal workers, public health employees, key government employees, court personnel, and others providing critical infrastructure to Michiganders.

LESA officials ask that anyone defined in the governor’s order as an essential worker, who is also resident of Livingston County needing child care services, to call them at 1-517-548-5261 or go to Livingston County Child Care Services. They say that once they receive that information, a member of their staff will then return your call and help to make arrangements.